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Seen the worst thread, interested in the best.and a brief why?
I'll kick off.
-Sorcery, Sorcery+. thought this was just the most amazing game I had ever seen. Hours spent playing it. just good game idea, good game play
recently seen a youtube of someone playing it to completion in < 7 mins *SHOCK*
-Bombjack, another just fun to play game.
-1942, always a classic
-Bmx Simulator, was awesome.  true artistry in the background. remove the background images and this would just plain suck
 -Ghost 'n Goblins, yeah not the best port, but at the time very impressive
-Sam fox strip poker, yeah might leave this alone, but hours spent to see a pixelated nude.
-Mutant monty, hated this game initially due to I thought it was pretty lame graphics, but had a friend that played this all the time at my place, so it kind of grew on me, recently loaded it up, and sure I think for a basic platformer this is actually very well done - level wise
- Who dares wins, great little game. controls were a bit clumsy IIRC.

What's your favorites? I must be missing tonnes of them.

EDITx1: Please see This thread for Amstrad Games (Thanks ETO, below)'worth-to-play'-collection-of-amstrad-games/

Just recently there was a very similar thread with many comments and suggestions:'worth-to-play'-collection-of-amstrad-games/msg195160/#msg195160

Maybe check them out, great suggestions and if you have new ones, they can be added too.

Although tastes vary, of course, I find such discussions always interesting because they make you think about specific titles and what's good and what's not... For instance you, yourself say that Samantha Fox is not really that good but then proceed to enter it in a "best EVER" list?

Teenage Queen, btw :D

Shaun M. Neary:
This is more a "most nostalgic games ever" list rather than a best of list.

Mutant Monty? Ghosts N Goblins? Sam Fox? Please, they all aged HORRIBLY!

I agree, I just chose a particularly good/bad example :D


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