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Ex CPC464 owner here, looking to build a collection and to play some old games via emulation. Currently I use Launchbox for my emulation needs.

I'm trying to find the best sources of information/lists/etc for CPC games. I'm keen to build a complete collection. So far some of the best I have found are:

CPCWiki - lots of good info, scans and games
GamebaseCPC- also seems to have lots of info and scans
CPCGamesCD by Miguelsky - looks pretty comprehensive
CPCRulez - loads of info & scans for most games
TOSEC - have a DAT for the CPC .dsk games, some other CPC stuff also
CPCPower - but watermarks, bleh!
ScreenScraper - looks like an excellent site for game media

I'm wondering which is the best/most comprehensive/up to date list? Would be importing the games into Launchbox and attaching the media & manuals there.


This is also a very good site.

Well you already found ;)

I guess that answers my question? Was hoping to find a CPC set that I can import into Launchbox. It's probably possible with Gamenbase, but I don't know if there's any easy way to do it.



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