Boulder Dash 2 Rockford's Revenge

Started by pmeier, 11:22, 05 October 21

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I'm proud to announce that I have ported Boulder Dash 2 Rockford's Revenge to the CPC  8)

I took the BD4 (construction kit) engine and converted all the original levels.To achieve this: I exported the BDCFF levels into CrLi format with GDash. Then wrote a Java converter to generate caves for BD4.

I also imported the C64 title screen and the music, which doesn't sound good, but this is already a problem of the original music..., but you can blame it on my conversion.  :P

The 20 levels didn't fit into the BD4 .gam format, so you have to choose part 1 or 2 before loading. (My converter creates .cav files I had to merge with the construction kit, because I didn't understand the .gam format. If you know more, let me know...)

The zip contains my assembler sources, .dsk and .cpr.

The disk itself contains also the construction kit and all the editable caves, so you can play around with them.

PS: There are some hacks around labeled as "Boulder Dash 2", but they have nothing to do with the official title, so don't get confused.


thanks for the contribution, i will have to try it.
your amstrad news source in spanish language :


I miss the Like button already.

Shaun M. Neary

Very well done sir! I'm looking forward to trying this out. :D
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And honestly I have heard worse music on the CPC ;-)


Thanks. Hey, these likes are better than the like button  :)

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