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Chuckie Egg 3 !

Started by Jean-Marie, 19:31, 23 May 22

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Recently, I've found out there has been plenty of hacks/mods for Chuckie Egg on the BBC micro.
I've managed to port Chukee, a 1984 hack from S.D. Ellington coming along with a thorough description of the level-design of the game. It offers a new set of 8 original levels.

Credits go to S.D. Ellington for his upgrade & tutorial, and the A&F team.

Run"chuck3.bas" & enjoy.
Run"chuckie.bak" to play the regular first version.

PS: Behold my death dive !


Can't have enough Chuckie Egg.


your amstrad news source in spanish language :


This is really cool! It was my game back then on the BBC! 

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