Chuckie Egg 4 !

Started by Jean-Marie, 01:29, 05 June 22

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Eight more levels for Chuckie Egg fans, courtesy of Dave Edwards who gave me the permission to port from the Acorn Electron his renowned Chuckie Egg 2009, released at the Acorn World Show 2009. Along with the new levels, this upgrade included a level-editor, also designed by Dave (not ported yet).
If you want to know more about the Electron, he has published a thorough book reviewing a  hundred games (with screenshots) for this machine.
Dave also maintains a huge database of games on his site,, which displays their market valuation!
I'm also thankful to Kukulcan for adding some nice eye-candy to this port.


thx for this update :D

Cool screen from @Kukulcan 

your amstrad news source in spanish language :

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