Author Topic: Coding a CPC game: motivation and feedback.  (Read 13166 times)

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Re: Coding a CPC game: motivation and feedback.
« Reply #150 on: 14:08, 25 July 17 »
How about a guide to marketing your CPC production on other sites?

It seems most people will post here, and maybe on the CPC Facebook page, about their work, and maybe that will be picked up by a Spanish forum or Indie Retro News, but that doesn't make for a lot of exposure, and indeed you will miss any feedback on those sites as you likely won't know about it.

So a wiki page with a list of CPC- and retro-centric forums, blogs, sites and contacts. And how to make a snappy video of your CPC game, for these places to embed - I know for sure that I will watch a bit of a video on those sites to see a game in action.

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Re: Coding a CPC game: motivation and feedback.
« Reply #151 on: 21:41, 27 July 17 »
Well,that's a nice thought,but an article or guide is another thing. Still useful though, for those who would like to see how to give things a push...

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