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There is one.



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Don't forget to look at here :
The only webpage worldwide listing all the GX-4000 unofficial conversions  ;D


LIVINGSTONE, I PRESUME is a typical game from the beginning of the CPC life, when productions were oscillating between what might be expected of the second generation of machines such as the Atari VCS or Intellivision and the capabilities offered by the third generation. Adorable.

It's such a classic that I think it has its place on the GX-4000, of course. But there, it is outright beyond my skills and it would therefore take the intervention of an @Urusergi or a @Phantomz at their best to makes this dream come true  :P

I attached an English version of Nicholas Campbell offering Infinite Lives. It would be necessary to patch the cheat request on loading but above all to assign the keys 1, 2, 3, 4 dedicated to the choice of objects to the directions of the D-Pad of joypad 2.

It would be very nice to end this 6th year of patching with some classics, isn't it?  :D

SugarPi (raspberry3 baremetal emulator) and now MSX-VR (8bit machines "virtualizer": raspberry-cpu hardware/software system) supports CPR loading.
Maybe and option for U, if you want other than WINdos side. ( while you buy a CPCplus+C4CPC or CPCclassic+Plus2CPC+C4CPC  8)  )

Yezz Retroarch nowadays too


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