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Converted GX4000 .cpr - The topic (repository link in first post)

Started by remax, 22:14, 04 May 15

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The coin-op was def 64k.

My pirate copy of the coin-op on disc was on 2 disc sides.

The main problem with TMNT 1 is that keys are needed to select weapons, board Party Wagon and go to Status/Character Select.


I thought I'd do " Jack The Nipper II In Coconut Capers " too, heard it's not as good, but might as well have the sequel too.

(Joystick Fire 1 = yes) (Joystick Fire 2=no) For Trainer

Can Pause with Pause Button, Quit Button is Joypad 1 Button 2 with Yes or No, on Joypad 2 Button 1 for Yes Button 2 for No.


Thou shall not question Captain Wrong!


Thanks to everyone involved for all their hard work!


Quote from: seanb on 12:38, 06 June 15
Thanks @dragon for Batman  8)

redefine first, remember you have two joysticks+p= 13 buttonns.


Quote from: Phantomz on 16:13, 05 June 15
Anyway, I've done " Jack the Nipper "  I fixed the Trainer to make it GX4000 Friendly.

I also remapped the Buttons to:

Use GX4000 Pause Button to Pause

Joypad 1 Button 2 to Enter Doors.

Joyad 2 Button 1 and 2 for Pick Up / Drop

I've also done " Future Knight "

I remapped 0 to Start to the Fire Button, and the U for Use to Button 2 on the joypad.
Ingenious solution for Jack the Nipper. Thanks for both that & Future Knight. I think I need to get myself a C4CPC now!


Quote from: Dizrythmia on 14:32, 06 June 15
Ingenious solution for Jack the Nipper. Thanks for both that & Future Knight. I think I need to get myself a C4CPC now!

I thought it was the best choice to go with and I think it works well.  ;)

You're Welcome  ;D

Best get your order in with Gerald then  ;)



Quote from: Dizrythmia on 06:25, 05 June 15
How about the Seymour games if the Dizzy games are manageable?

Just had a look at the Seymour games for you:

Sergeant Seymour Robotcop, converted ok and worked in Winape, doesn't start on the GX4000, stuck on the title screen, fire won't start the game.
Super Seymour Saves The Planet!!, the screen was all messed up when I converted this, going to look for another version to try.


Seymour At The Movies
Stunt Man Seymour
Seymour Take One!
Wild West Seymour

All converted ok, I fixed the games with Trainers to make them GX4000 Friendly.

I've also sorted out the Act Codes in " Wild West Seymour " Enter as follows.  ;D

* Level Codes :
Act 2 - 21D135008
          GGGGGGGG = PAD 2 FIRE 1

Act 3 - 10C700068
           FFFFFFFFFF = PAD 2 FIRE 2

Act 4 - 238A35008


IRC:  #Retro4All on Freenode


Super Seymour Saves The Planet!! should be doable with this disks, I'm not sure how to remove the level select and 64k or 128k from Trainer.

Maybe @dragon could do this one?

I'm not sure if we can do anything about " Sergeant Seymour Robotcop " just think it's not GX4000 Friendly.

I've added the Super Seymour Saves The Planet disk here if anyone can do it.

Quote from: Dizrythmia on 06:25, 05 June 15

Into the Eagles Nest would be another great one! I used to love that game


I've found a GX4000 Friendly version of " Into The Eagle's Nest " so here it is.  ;D


All right, i'll take care of all this tommorrow morning...

464 posts  8)
Brain Radioactivity



A game I used to play a lot with as a kid would be great on the GX4000 :
The game is played exclusively with the joystick, however the player must first press number 1 to 8 to choose a car.

If, say, the first two cars keys (1 and 2) were mapped on the console's paddles, it would do the trick I guess, but i'm not qualified to do it :-(
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Amazing work, the lot of you. Thanks so much for the time you invest in both taking these requests & actually performing these conversions!


Would Captain Planet, Paperboy 2, Myth, Back to the Future 2 and Power Drift be unreasonable requests please?

Myth does have a keyboard control for inventory but sure that could be mapped onto Button 2.

Many thanks..

PS - Captain Planet is underrated!


Man, miss a few days because your telephone line is down and 100 conversions crop up...

Anyone's got an idea if all titles have been uploaded to the wiki page?


Quote from: Gryzor on 15:27, 07 June 15
Anyone's got an idea if all titles have been uploaded to the wiki page?

Unless i (and sometimes Phantomz) have missed one, yes they are.
Brain Radioactivity



Quote from: remax on 15:47, 07 June 15

Unless i (and sometimes Phantomz) have missed one, yes they are.

That mssing one can stay missing  ;) :laugh:



Quote from: Gryzor on 16:16, 07 June 15
Chase HQ II? :D

Yep that was it  ;) ;) ;) ;) :laugh:


Here is another game for the list  " Exolon "

It wouldn't let me remap Joypad 1 Buttons even when I tried 58 and 5A and 4C and 4D

Use Joyad 2 Button 1 and 2 for options, use option 2 and redefine controls before you start.

I'm not to good at bypassing Highscore Tables, I've done so in this game by making the scores really high, so the option shouldn't come up.

I've just changed the rar to include a poked version also which gives:

Unlimited Bullets

Unlimited Grenades

Unlimited Lives

I've just done the same trick with " Solomon's Key " maxed out the Highscore board so it shouldn't come up to get stuck on.



Interesting thing.

I read time ago.The game not work well in plus range. The people "fly". and you can't go to your room folow the abad.

Amstrad CPC - Problemas con cpc plus - Amstrad CPC

But, my game works o.k in my real gx4000.

:D. good mysterius.



Count Duckula 2
Thankfully it's joystick ready.
Haven't quite figured out how to change fire or to save move changes from a snapshot into the cpr file yet but this should be good to go.

Can someone test it in a real GX4000 for me please?

Thou shall not question Captain Wrong!

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