Gazza II on eBay "reproduction"

Started by tjohnson, 01:52, 18 November 22

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Quote from: 00WReX on 03:47, 20 November 22No real template...
Here is an example of a game I did.
Cart label, box inlay, instruction sheet.
Cart label
box  inlay

Nice! did you also make a new box? 3d printed maybe?


@eto It looks that each eBay region provide his own list.
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The title screen is without doubt the cpc floppy release.

Remember the GX4000 game exists, but only a few newsrooms got a cart to test the game: Amstrad 100%, Joystick, Player One in France and Amstrad Action in UK. On the Amstrad 100% review the title screen is shown (more colours than the floppy release).


Maybe exists. Magazines weren't entirely unprepared to pepper previews (and sometimes reviews) with mocked up screenshots etc. Maybe even more so if they already had the disk version to compare against.

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