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Two Player Games with Two Joysticks

Started by Phantomz, 17:24, 14 May 16

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Quote from: Xyphoe on 10:33, 13 February 20
Just wondering, will these patched games allow for 2 USB joysticks in something like WinApe?
AFAIK WinAPE only supports one USB gamepad, but RetroArch (cap32) works fine! Even the patched GX4000 *.cpr's!

Don't forget to configure joystick_port2 for player2 and CPC 6128+ (for the *.cpr's):
Quick Menu -> Options
[Tested on Windows 10]


Here are a couple more, " Spy Vs Spy II - The Island Caper " and " Spy Vs Spy III - Arctic Antics "

Both players use Joysticks, all other keys remain unchanged.


Hi Phantomz.
You wouldn't happen to have all these 2 controller modded games in a list on one page somewhere? :D

P.S. Have you modded Captain Fizz and Blasterons game for 2 controllers?
CPC6128 modded with ABBA switch. External 5.25" floppy drive with side switch and Multiface 2. Now also sporting a joystick splitter and M4 WiFi board.


Here is.....

Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge

It' has 2 Joystick support, no other changes have been made.

I've included the disk and cpr of the 128k version.


I am wondering if our recent Mario Bros remake which has a 2 players mode does support 2 joysticks or 1 joystick and the keayboard.


Hi Phantomz!! Would it be possible to mod Roland on the Caves / La Pulga with joystick control?? I love that game. Thanks a lot. You're doing a great job!



I can make a version that uses a Joypad.

Scroll the screen with the Dpad, jump left and right with button 1 and button 2.

I hope this helps. ;)


Wow man!!! Thank you very much. Tomo I'll give it a try!

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