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Best game???

Started by ukmarkh, 12:36, 16 April 10

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what is the best game out of this selection?

1 (2%)
UN Squadron
1 (2%)
Mr Heli
1 (2%)
Mission Genocide
8 (15.7%)
Solar Coaster
0 (0%)
Classic Invaders
0 (0%)
5 (9.8%)
Bosconian 87
0 (0%)
Game Over II
3 (5.9%)
Sonic boom
1 (2%)
Light force
5 (9.8%)
Flying shark
5 (9.8%)
9 (17.6%)
Harrier Attack
4 (7.8%)
0 (0%)
5 (9.8%)
Forgotten Worlds
3 (5.9%)

Total Members Voted: 51

Voting closed: 12:36, 16 May 10


Quote from: tjohnson on 08:31, 13 July 20

Defender clone or dungeon hack and slash game?

Dungeon one, not the defender one.


from that lot of games, there are quite a few really good games, quite a few stinkers and... I'd have to say that x-out or r-type (whichever version) would be the topmost, x-out is technically awesome, but even the original r-type the fact it's as good as it is on CPC still makes it technically awesome, and the easter egg version is even better - hard to pick from those two.  Mr Hello would be second.


Golden Axe, Ikari Warriors, Sly Spy and Turtles Coin-op are in the top 5. Robocop is impressive but didn't find it fun to play without cheats and whilst Moon Cresta is a stunning conversion I absolutely love, and impossible for the C64 to do it that well, it is an older game style and doesn't have the longevity of something like Ikari for me personally but great for a quick 10-20 minute blast. Ditto for Donkey Kong, lovely conversion but in 1986 I didn't buy it because I was looking forward to stuff like Nemesis and Salamander (my fav' shmups of the mid 80s I played all summer in the arcades). Who knew they would be such horrible conversions. 

I  did actually do some mode 0 graphics for Salamander years ago but I have never been a decent coder on anything. I actually did all the graphics for Salamander for the ST in 1986 after coming home from the arcades every day from memory but same problem, my game engine with parallax was doing about 3-4 frames per second lol


3-4 frames per second are better than 1-2 frames per second (theory of relativity).


lol I am more in the camp of unless my hands get chopped off in a freak accident I would never sleep with an ugly woman EVER ;)


Psycho Pigs UXB?


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