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Title: Converting ZX Spectrum PAWed Adventures to Amstrad CP/M
Post by: Strident on 23:22, 04 November 18
I've recently been converting a bunch of my old ZX Spectrum text adventures to Amstrad CP/M, in an effort to "replace" some of the "lost" conversions that The Adventure Workshop made in the 1990s.

I've put together a guide that explains the process, should their be any other Spectrum adventure authors with PAWed games they'd like to port to run on disk-based CPCs and PCWs.


(The games with "new" Amstrad CP/M versions are...
The Quest for the Holy Snail: http://8bitag.com/games/quest-snail.html
The Life of A Lone Electron: http://8bitag.com/games/electron.html
Personal Computing Whirled! http://8bitag.com/games/pcw.html
Man About the House: http://8bitag.com/games/man-about.html
The Search for the Nether Regions (two parts): http://8bitag.com/games/nether.html )

I'm still keen to track down the original The Adventure Workshop versions but it's nice to have some temporary Amstrad-based editions in my collection.