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Title: CPC Plus version of Probes Savage
Post by: dcdrac on 13:43, 04 January 14
If the Copyright owners allowed it would Savage benefit from been remade as a Plus version?

it's amazingly good as it is but hey just a thought.
Title: Re: CPC Plus version of Probes Savage
Post by: MacDeath on 17:41, 04 January 14
this one Savage ?
http://www.cpc-power.com/index.php?page=detail&num=1880 (http://www.cpc-power.com/index.php?page=detail&num=1880)


Ok, first the game is already good.
Also a "new plus version" is not something easy.

I mean 2 choices :
=patch existing game : need to hack and crack your way into the games code... with no documented source code... hasardous.
=do it again from scratch : not sure you manage the game that well or have the same good gameplayability or whatever.

then the PLUS...
if it is just some slight palette changes, this may not be that better, privided the CPC palette is already good and well used.
If you really want it PLUS, then DMA sounds, hardscrollings, mega raster wankfests or Hardsprites... well, you need to do it with a brand new "from scratch" engine actually.

To patch the game can be nice, it is often do these times... check those new 128K version like Barbarian/Death Sword...
Also : rick Dangerous 128+ or R-Type 128.

R-Type 128 : Fano got the Spectrum source code and benediction from the original dev team (and hints and tips)... it helps a lot.
Rick Dangerous : the game was analysed... yeah.
Barbarian : the same.

but it is not sure the game enable easy hack or not. Some engines are more obscure and difficult to understand.

Also to just patch already good games can be see as lazyness, why fix something not broken, lol...

[AMSTRAD CPC] Savage Longplay (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpKCM5eAlsM#)