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Dragon Ninja from a ROM


Firstly, sorry if I am breaking any rules, if so, let me know  :-X
I have an Amstrad emulator (based on caprice32 running on a PSP), and would love to get Dragon Ninja running. I can load the disk, but when I do a CAT, I just see
Drive A: user 0dragonlv.a 23kdragonlv.b 23kdragonlv.c 23kdragonlv.d 23k....dragonlv.h 23k

RUN "dragonlv.a doesn't work so I don't know how to start the game. I have a 464, so some of the disk stuff is a mystery, but is this something to do with CPM? 

Usually, games that boot via the |CPM command don't give a file listing at all (usually just a read fail error).

Any file that you can run will have either a .BAS or .BIN extension, or have no extension at all.  There should be something that can be run.  Can you post the full file listing?

Thanks for the reply! 
That is actually it. It just has the files DRAGONLV.A through to DRAGONLV.H. 
All are 23k. 
I guess the ROM is incomplete which is a shame. I have tried finding different ROM's for it, but all of them are the same..


Your rom (dsk file in fact) seems to be the second side of a cracked release (only levels :-) ). You should try to go to in the games list, you should find a good copy of this game.


Thanks. I will look for a better copy.


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