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ELF. New Adventure.

Started by ELF, 10:04, 17 January 16

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Javy Fernandez

Thanks for playing!  ;)


I've noticed a weird bug in this game that only affects CPC464 machines (which use the older BASIC version 1.0). The "> " prompt always appears at the top of the screen, but the input line appears in its expected position.

It seems that there is a bug in the LINE INPUT command in BASIC 1.0, which I never knew about until now! If you use a command such as LINE INPUT #2,"> ",a$, the "> " prompt is always printed to window 0, but the input appears in the specified window (2 in this example). This bug doesn't affect the INPUT command.

It's a very minor bug, but because it prints over the top of the picture accompanying each location, it is a bit annoying.


What a funny thing. I did not know about the existence of a bug like that in BASIC  :picard:.


Without LINE just INPUT works OK. :)

I thought LINE INPUT is for read from FDD.
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Javy Fernandez

In cpc 6128 works fine! only bug in basic 1.0 but 6128 is 1.1
Version cpc464:  "Line input" deleted  :)

Javy Fernandez

English version coming in a few days



Quote from: ZbyniuR on 20:29, 23 January 16
I thought LINE INPUT is for read from FDD.
LINE INPUT is used for letting the user enter a string which contains commas. INPUT allows you to enter one or more strings or values, each of which is separated by a comma.

Javy Fernandez


The BASIC program is simple.
Anyone with a basic knowledge will understand.  ;)

The problem of LINE INPUT is not important. The game DSK is scheduled for CPC 6128 or cpc 664 with Basic 1.1.
The cpc 464 has its own version. No test the DSK version on CPC 464.



Muy bien. Let's go for 128 KB.  :)
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Javy Fernandez

software English version available!

Sorry for my english!

enjoy it


This is wonderful! :o
Thank you very much for the effort Javy. :)
I still believe that i got my myopia from the green GT-65 monitor, but i can't prove it! :)


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