Enduro Racer - interview with programmer Mevlut Dinc (2016)

Started by ComSoft6128, 16:43, 31 July 19

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Other non CPC games are also discussed.

From retrogamesmaster.co.uk


"I decided to keep almost all of the Speccy code intact and literally run it on the Amstrad, a kind of early spectrum emulation on the Amstrad! Both machines had the same processor, Amstrad was a bit faster and had more memory too. BTW, I was using my Amstrad as a development system and knew the machine very well."

A question - was this how most Spectrum ports were transferred to the CPC or is this something different?


Taking the Speccy code and using it to produce the CPC version was probably pretty common, especially after systems like PDS became common enough that transferring code between machines was easier. Before that there were challenges doing that, the Oliver twins have described literally re-drawing graphics by hand copying from one machine to another and I assume they may have done similar things with source code (tweaking things where the assemblers had different syntax)


He mostly tell a) the code of the spectrum have some mathematical programming that he don't understand, so he search the easy way, don't understand it and reutilize all possible code unaltered.

B) he have little time to do it. So happy to  terminate it for christmas.

C) the guys as me that buy the game are happy idiots kids, we don't exige any quality. Only a new game don't matter graphics sound at all, so indirectly we anime the companys to make spectrum ports. Because they made it, and sell alot of it.


Translation: "I managed to avoid doing a proper job as much as possible and basically ignored the CPC's capabilities, and got away with it! Har, har!"


Some of us noticed him already then, back in the good old days. For me he was up there with Canvas, Tiertex, Teque and Choice. Thats some legacy... Reading the interview, I am thinking maybe I was too kind...

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