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Modyfication old games to look better. :)

Started by ZbyniuR, 05:44, 25 March 23

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Hello there.
I see some old montage to pray for someone to patch Heroquest and "correct some speccy ports was of some inspirational value.

You or mojon twins or anyone can use it if you want guys, it's ok for me.

Just put something like 'hey that man did this and its cool, lets do a patch for the game along that concept and give that man 1.000.023 pesos."* :laugh:
Nah it's ok.

Funnily I recently found out I was an inspiration for some Wikipedia media too and cited from this forum...

(was just flexing by)
Good to see some coders are still trying to patch a few oldies.

*1.000.023 pesos = 0.023 euros I guess...  :laugh:

Quote from: TotO on 00:04, 26 March 23I had loved a 6128 with a 4-bit palette. 12-bit palette is great, but the limited number of displayable colours is more frustrating.
the "ideal and realistic" CPC-from-1984 palette would have been a 5 level (not bit) RGB cube, the 5x5x5 of 125 colours, which is the extended /dithered CPC palette....

Nigel Mansell's World Championship : it use some monochromatic palette of Black and White + 2x colours in the same hue/colour ramp,  so if you want to switch it into a bichromatic palette you may have to patch the graphic assets as well.

Prohibition use a grey+red palette, no real need to patch it, it is good as it is, Mode1 is very limited si no need to really try that much to get a full colour vibe, it won't work.
Some "Mode5 CGA" palette is always good : Black-White(pastel yellow?)-Red (pink?)-(dark)Cyan
I goes with everything, may get the darkcyan instead of plain cyan, may get the white into pastel Yellow, or some variations of that.


Oh MacDeath is back with more palettes!

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