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Entombed (C64) compared to Knight Lore and filmation engine

Started by cpcitor, 12:13, 18 January 13

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Do you know Entombed ?
C64 Longplay - Entombed
A game for Commodore 64.

It's still interesting in retrospect. For the scenario, think of something like Indiana Jones.

* Sort-of-introductory scenario (Doom had that, too in a separate text file, but who has ever read it besides me ?)
* Huge (and pixelated) play area
* Scrolling as you go.
* parallel projection pseudo 3D (on one level, with varying view angle as you turn on corridors -- don't get lost)
* Mixture of walk-avoid-shoot (you have to find your weapon first then get rid of nasty bugs and scorpions all the time) and puzzle-solving
* Lots of variations, see the video
** at 3:40 push a heavy object to make your way
** at 5:30 make moon set and sun rise
** at 7:35 push a rock (several similar other situations)
** at 9:05 hit musical icons to play the tune of "encounter of the 3rd type" in order
** at 9:30 enter a dark room, but you have a flashlight (electric torch) to see at all
** at 11:30 and 24:47 explore a dimly lit room where your torch helps see better
** much more, at 21:34 ghosts help you find a book

The main character animation is really smooth (I think they got the smoothest that was possible given its blockiness).

This game probably had a long life since there are many tricks to explore. The 31 minutes video is done by a player that know all the tricks.

Anyone knows a similar game ?

* We do have the mighty knight lore, alien8, batman, head over heels, sepulcri, and all other games based on the same parallel projection pseudo-3D (the filmation engine), and some had several levels ! Yet, the world of entombed seem more vivid, perhaps because of more moving details (torches, ).
* Besides jet set willy (2D, no scrolling), saboteur (speccy...), the nice "ghosts'n'goblins" ?
* Gun fright ? Nightshade, highway encounter, amaurote

What does it inspire to you ?
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