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Started by VZ, 11:44, 12 March 16

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I have made this walkthrough since other systems have a video solution in YouTube but not CPC.

This game is too easy to finish. We must guide Mr. Whopper until customer/his death so could be eaten by him ()

The goal is to get six parts of the Whopper Puzzle Quality Seal and these parts fall from sky each 80.000 points (about 32 deaths).

The best place to camping and shoot is ... the first screen, over the top platform. When you kill the chef, you won't see anymore, and you have to put all your senses in avoiding the boy. The boy only can attack you on your right, since on left there is no enough space to climb up without leave the screen. So you must concentrate your efforts in killing as fast as you can the other enemies that appear on top right.

When you reach near 500.000 points, you will have got 6 seal parts, and you can into other screen (I recommend left) and avoid shoots only a few seconds, and you will see the Congratulations message.

Keys: O P A Q Space



I salute your patience with what appears to be a rather boring game.


A bit on the slow side, but quite impressive graphics actually.


This is the first time I see a Burger King game  :laugh: . However, Global Gladiators in the Megadrive, although promoting McDonalds, was very good  :) .


Well played to beat it , dreadful game that plays awful , games like these are what give cpc bad name all looks and treacle controls


Thank you for compliments. All of you are right. This game is so boring and appears not to be programmed to be played more than once. The game lacks in some aspects such as speed, IA to put enemies entry, (no)power-ups, (no)enemies variety and number of screens (there are 6 o 7 and then repeats) and number of stages (only 1). Really, when you play Whopper Chase you don't get feel like eating a Whopper.

This game was programmed by TopoSoft team in 1987 and the game could be owned by 2 ways (both in Burger King). If you celebrated your birthday there or if you got a winner lottery scratch ticket (the prices could be a soft drink, french fries, whopper or if you were really lucky, this videogame)

But not all is bad in this videogame. This is one of those rare exceptions when you can get more than a version in the same cassette (two versions by side). In 80's, I imagined that in future all the games will be as this and when you will buy the game you will get all the versions at same time (i.e. that you will buy Call of Duty and you will get WiiU, Playstation and XBox versions in the same bluray)



The graphics in that Pepito thing are very very decent! There is even an animated waterfall!


Sadly, it seems to be quite short and easy.


Love the way racism was somewhat mundane...

PUB PEPITO - vidéo Dailymotion


Anyway, Pepito game was basically an advertisement but really... somewhat well realised for a CPC game.


 :picard: Oh man , what racism have I got to learn to be annoyed with on that one?
Never knew it was a brand either? Don't think we have them here in Old Blighty

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