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Gamebase CPC V33 happening soon

Started by ldaneels, 22:26, 05 November 19

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Quote from: Philippe Lardenois on 17:00, 10 November 19
Merci pour ce super boulot sur ma machine de coeur.

petite question : Quand je scanne, il me manque 21 jeux et 192 Extras. Normal (problèmes de droits ?) ? ou j'ai fait une fausse manip?

merci encore.


J'espère que ça te plaira :)
Pour ce qui est des fichiers manquants, ce sont effectivement des logiciels toujours commercialisés pour lesquels je n'ai pas eu l'autorisation de leur distributeur (en particulier Poly.Play, Cronosoft, Psytronik and a few others).
Si vous avez des contacts avec ces distributeurs et pouvez me mettre en contact avec eux, n'hésitez pas à me le faire savoir.


Quote from: ldaneels on 17:12, 10 November 19
Nice, that was fast :)
I archived the executable in 
Download that file instead. It worked for me...I'll see with Kukulcan if he can fix the problem with the exe.

Cheers, got it! :)


Quote from: Gryzor on 15:49, 10 November 19
Everything extracted fine here...

Everything was OK at my end as well, using PowerArchiver 2019. Here are the checksums I got when I ran sha256sum:

1e57d1ece94f15b80f1c4392f785ca4a9231818748ba85eed2374d8fe615b53a *Amstrad
c05f52e57e87e341d3f740666b99896adcb3b2e25b314886090eaf747d1d865a *Amstrad
a9353addd9b8743154b66372316abeed16946a2bb408bea5b424ff4b6f08218d *Amstrad
b060a02d485f1bb7d80c69a736ffbf19a668c61fea4a89353c7a8bc3636303b8 *Amstrad
bf5bf851e4541e8731735471e2a530d053eecd4066d4530affb25a1647a69865 *Amstrad
6b50ff1ac3c8f17e92858352cc3f5fa2243a5777899437f5dae053543b03721b *Amstrad
6fc21643eeba3d7dc6849c55c684857efc973a025ccf984032ce68ea6dbfe1a2 *Amstrad
00699adf64814e5a3fcfdc777ae2970a74be0485a6ffe67b2afa3b05923df421 *Amstrad
313786c1364fcf1026e8c3df87af5a00e722f3a7fd3bf134fcd14e2182989789 *
af88eeb09af9d90349296a64eafefef425b551333f560b78c701894fd3dc8e62 *README_EN.txt


Hi Nich,
Glad to have you on board :)I hope you enjoy GBCPC!

Johnny Olsen

For some reason, it was impossible to download working files with firefox and windows 7,
so I tried windows 10 with Internet Explorer and now it works.
Thanks to Nich and Gryzor for verifying that the files work and thanks for a great database Loïc.



Can't download with FF/Win 10 now...


I tried downloading with FF & it's working fine for me. 
It might be that the site is overloaded, so try again a little later. 
Also, please make sure you download only one file at a time.
Hi Johnny, long time no talk. Any news on your Gamebase project?

Johnny Olsen

Yes about 1000, but it is time consuming to debug basic programs
and I only work with it when I want.


Quote from: Johnny Olsen on 14:01, 12 November 19
Yes about 1000, but it is time consuming to debug basic programs
and I only work with it when I want.
If you want aid, here we are :)

Johnny Olsen

I appreciate that.

Problems with the gamebase project are that only one can work on it,
but if you have games or scans of magazines
not online, it will be perfect.

I am looking for games from the following magazines:

Computer Gamer (UK) -

Computronic (G) -

HC Mein Home Computer (G) -

Homecomputer Hefte (G) -


My first try to send a "own" torrent. Try this (will seed next few days evenings)


Oh cool, I'll check my seedbox tonight for available space :)


installed :) , very nice  :o
your amstrad news source in spanish language :


I got stucked on v27. I supposse I have to delete that and download the entire thing again...


Got it on my seedbox, gonna leave it there for a while. So far it's upped exactly 1.000  copy :D


Thanks everybody for hosting a torrent, much appreciated :)
As a sidenote, I am currently working really hard to get CPCEPower into GBCPC & am linking all the original dumps (RAW & IPF) into the database. This is obviously going to be a long term endeavour, but it should make GBCPC much better.
There are two advantages to doing that: I am verifying every single entry (links, data,...) & the emulator is much more accurate, so no juggling multiple emulators as it is the case now. The only exception are the CPC+/GX4000 games which will still need to go through Winape.
Also, a quick tip: you can add extra columns in the database view (CTRL+H) so you can sort the software whichever way you like. Personally, I like Publisher, Year Published, Genre, Rating & Works in CPCE.



Quote from: Johnny Olsen on 14:01, 12 November 19
Yes about 1000, but it is time consuming to debug basic programs
and I only work with it when I want.
Hi Johnny,
Wow! That's a lot of work.
Are you planning on making your work public at some time?
Thanks for all your hard work,



Haven't tried it yet, but a friend sent me a list of the contents:


 ~  du -chs /Volumes/retro/GameBaseCPCV33/*  ✔  10153  12:47:35
8.2M   /Volumes/retro/GameBaseCPCV33/Amstrad CPC.mdb
16K   /Volumes/retro/GameBaseCPCV33/Credits.ini
16K   /Volumes/retro/GameBaseCPCV33/Credits.txt
213M   /Volumes/retro/GameBaseCPCV33/Emulators
16K   /Volumes/retro/GameBaseCPCV33/Emulators.ini
23G   /Volumes/retro/GameBaseCPCV33/Extras
1.2G   /Volumes/retro/GameBaseCPCV33/Games
144K   /Volumes/retro/GameBaseCPCV33/Gfx
520M   /Volumes/retro/GameBaseCPCV33/Music
16K   /Volumes/retro/GameBaseCPCV33/MusicPlayers.ini
16K   /Volumes/retro/GameBaseCPCV33/Paths.ini
9.6G   /Volumes/retro/GameBaseCPCV33/Pictures
400K   /Volumes/retro/GameBaseCPCV33/Player
16K   /Volumes/retro/GameBaseCPCV33/README_EN.txt
16K   /Volumes/retro/GameBaseCPCV33/README_FR.txt
912K   /Volumes/retro/GameBaseCPCV33/Scripts
16K   /Volumes/retro/GameBaseCPCV33/Settings.ini
912K   /Volumes/retro/GameBaseCPCV33/Sounds
46M   /Volumes/retro/GameBaseCPCV33/Splash
16K   /Volumes/retro/GameBaseCPCV33/TEMPLATE.master
16K   /Volumes/retro/GameBaseCPCV33/Text.ini
4.7M   /Volumes/retro/GameBaseCPCV33/
16K   /Volumes/retro/GameBaseCPCV33/help.htm
560K   /Volumes/retro/GameBaseCPCV33/splash.wav
35G   total
 ~  du -chs /Volumes/retro/GameBaseCPCV33/Extras/*  ✔  10154  09:37:09
5.2M   /Volumes/retro/GameBaseCPCV33/Extras/Cartridges
464M   /Volumes/retro/GameBaseCPCV33/Extras/Disks
13G   /Volumes/retro/GameBaseCPCV33/Extras/Manuals
2.9G   /Volumes/retro/GameBaseCPCV33/Extras/Misc
546M   /Volumes/retro/GameBaseCPCV33/Extras/Music
5.6G   /Volumes/retro/GameBaseCPC

13GB for manuals??! I mean, this must have entailed a tremendous amount of work (and a couple of samples I saw were of really nice quality)!


Lol :) Yeah, it sure did... I don't really want to think about how many hours that represents, though.
Just for fun (& because I'm kind of a maniac), I also re-scanned most of everything, so the work you see has been duplicated for the most part. There is a very significant difference between scans made prior to 03/2013 & those made after (new scanner + much higher DPi).
I've been working on GBCPC for over 15 years & I intend to keep plugging at it for the foreseeable future. I also have many ideas on how to expand GBCPC in the future, but it's a long term thing.
The only issue I am facing now is the difficulty to source originals, but well, it is what it is...Cheers,


So... I was wondering, you really have all these titles?


Well, I had them at some point or another. I also had help from some collectors who lent me their originals (mostly Philippe Hernandez & Antoine Rozanski, but others have also helped in smaller ways - David Noble, Steve Jarrett, Christophe Creance...), but I'd estimate over 90% were owned by me at some point or another.
I did collect CPC software up until 2011, but real life got the best of me & now I have to sell back what I get for GBCPC to purchase new software.


Still that must be/was a pretty impressive collection...

By the way, can we donate to the project?


That depends on what you mean by donating. If you mean games, I would love that. I'm always looking for people who can lend me original software. If you mean money, I'd rather avoid that for various reasons.


I trimmed my collection a few years back, so I'm not sure I have anything you might have missed (highly unlikely!), but I could send you a list of the titles I have to see if something piques your interest...

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