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Gamebase CPC V33 happening soon

Started by ldaneels, 22:26, 05 November 19

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After a 7-year hiatus, I'm finally readying the latest version of Gamebase CPC.
For those who are not familiar with my project, I aim to reference every original CPC software I can put my hands on.
More info & download links coming soon(ish - it will take me some time to upload all the files)...


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Quote from: ldaneels on 22:26, 05 November 19
After a 7-year hiatus, I'm finally readying the latest version of Gamebase CPC.
For those who are not familiar with my project, I aim to reference every original CPC software I can put my hands on.
More info & download links coming soon(ish - it will take me some time to upload all the files)...

Great news!
Really looking forward to it.


Great news, thanks for the update!


The webpage is online & you can check it at:
That being said, the files have not been uploaded yet.



Which emulators will be included?


More or less all :) But I use mainly CPCE (big cheers to Cesar for his work) because it is extremely flexible & good enough for most games.
I am in contact with Megachur to use CPCEPower as the main emulator, but I'll take care of that all the files have been uploaded (it's really only a matter or writing the scripts & modifying/adding a few command lines to CPCEPower, but it's a pain to deal with...). I really want to do that well & not rush it. The advantage is that the emulator is a lot more accurate & in terms of structure, it is somewhat close to CPCE.
That being said, most of the known emulators are already included in GBCPC. It's just that, for various reasons, they were not as useable as CPCE and I did not bother scripting them in full (or rather some of them could not be scripted in Gamebase). 
It is still possible to launch games by right-clicking on "Play Game" & selecting your favourite emulator. Heck, one can even add emulators by pressing SHIFT+F11...


I see what you mean and I also see how a simple interface like CPCE fits the whole concept. I wonder if RetroVirtualMachine would be an option, but I have no idea whether you can pass arguments to it.


Hmm, I didn't know about this one, it looks very nice indeed :) Speaking of nice emulators, JavaCPC ( is also very nice & comes packed with apps.
Since there's no ini file or command line argument that I know of, I don't think I can have a clean integration in GBCPC, but it would be extremely easy to add the emulator & have it launch every time you launch a game (just add the emulator in the GEMUS & point to the exe file). Gamebase automatically uses the first emulator in the GEMU list. But you would have to manually insert the disk & launch it.
The advantage of using what's already implemented is that you just click on "Play Game" (or press ALT+P) & there you go, no fiddling with the emulator. Of course, you need to be aware of how to use the emulator, but that's the joy of emulation :) At least CPCE is fairly simple to use (I only use F7 to change disk, F6 to fast forward & ALT+F3 to change tape - the rest is nice but not vital).


Yes, RVM is somewhat similar to JavaCPC in terms of vision, though I think it's quite a bit ahead in terms of interface and workflow ("work"... heh :D ). And also supports other machines, but that's not relevant here.

Unfortunately the manual doesn't mention whether a filename can be passed to it...


Yeah, I really doubt it. Plus it's an X64 executable, so that doesn't bode well. Command line input is a relic of the past.


Eh, not really, just launched Outlook with some arguments not ten minutes ago :D


I work on the command line most of the time.

Regarding x64 executables, MacOS for example does not allow 32-bit ones anymore and 64-bit has been the norm for some time now.


Alright, all done :)
The files are up and you can start downloading them right now at
Please only download one file at a time.
Don't forget to read the installation instructions and the README_EN.TXT.


*reaches for the laptop*

Why not a torrent? I can host on a seedbox if you're interested, at least for a while!


That would have been best, but for many reasons it is not feasible for me.
That being said, when it is downloaded, check back with me if you want to set up a torrent.



Hm, is offline?

Downloading - slowly, should be here by tomorrow but it doesn't matter, thanks for the files! :)

Regarding the torrent: the problem is that if there's not a torrent out there already I'd have a real issue doing it. I would have to up it to my seedbox, and on my 10Mb upload it'd take... more than I'd care to calculate :(

Johnny Olsen

I'm having trouble opening zip.002 and zip.005 with 7-zip.
Are the files corrupted?


Everything extracted fine here...


You can only extract the archives when you have all of them. They are not individual archives but a split archive.


Quote from: Gryzor on 15:49, 10 November 19
Everything extracted fine here...
Did you download everything already? As I said above, you need all the archives to unpack the full Gamebase CPC, even if some of the files can be unpacked separately (I know the first one can, but you still would not get all the files in this archive if you did it this way).


Yes, got them all. After an initial 500KBps it went up to clog my line, even one file at a time ☺️

However the exe file does not exist on the server, only the zip parts?

Philippe Lardenois

Merci pour ce super boulot sur ma machine de coeur.

petite question : Quand je scanne, il me manque 21 jeux et 192 Extras. Normal (problèmes de droits ?) ? ou j'ai fait une fausse manip?

merci encore.



Nice, that was fast :)
I archived the executable in 
Download that file instead. It worked for me...I'll see with Kukulcan if he can fix the problem with the exe.

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