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The XIII Emperor Gamebook - Updates (edited title)

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Ah dice, I played a few such games back in the day - didn't realise they were a different category! Nice!!

Damn, I wish it was summer '89 for a little while.

I remember playing the Spectrum version of one of those FF games back in the day (Forest of Doom IIRC) and it was pretty cool. At lot harder to cheat than it was with the book version though.  :laugh:


--- Quote from: enteka on 13:10, 31 May 21 ---Thank you very much. I will need help with my English which tends to fumble when I'm tired, and in a later version I'll probably be adding graphics and or music. And I'm a total loss at music, just I ken nothing about it.

enteka, yes, from Greek.  :) I needed a short url so it was my 11th attempt and thus -> it's also my Gopher and Gemini pages

--- End quote ---

Cool, καλώς όρισες, συναμστραντόπληκτε!

I can help with proofreading (although I'd recommend finding a native English speaker) and I can certainly help with music! :D

We released with my mate @skylas a text adventure a few days back, also made in Basic, so you can check it out.!-new-text-adventure-game!/msg202553/#msg202553


--- Quote from: enteka on 11:52, 31 May 21 ---Two weeks ago, I re-discovered the Amstrad of my early teens, via the RVM emulator and the Profesor Retroman youtube channel.
Anyway, I've began developing on Locomotive Basic, a small gamebook cyoa/ Fighting Fiction style (more like something in between) sort-of engine.
And I'm in a bit of crossroads. Should I make it into a "real" game? That's tons of work, mostly writing and organizing, as the main code is pretty much done. I would love to, however, it will only make sense if there are people who would play it.
So, what do you think about my wee project?

--- End quote ---
Welcome! Feel free to ask anything you want, and good luck with the project!

As I had the same thoughts when I started dealing with Amstrad again, I can assure you that there many that would try your game.
Just needs a bit more time for posting in appropriate groups, forums etc, so that many people get aware of it.

I can also recommend @manossg  for music, as he makes an excellent work in my opinion. You just have to learn to load AKG files from Arkos Tracker.

So, the same happened to me in early 2020. I followed the CPC scene again for some time again and one post on Facebook inspired me to try something in Locomotive Basic. And this caused a whole lot of events to happen, buying a CPC6128, later a 6128 Plus, modifying a broken GT65 with a TFT display and a GBS8200, trying to find "the perfect gamepad/joystick", etc etc. But I think the most important thing was to write my first ever CPC game - fully in Basic.

Crucial (imho) was, that I did it for me. Of course it was great to release it then, but I wanted to do it for myself. It had to be in a way that I want to play it. And I finally even added everything to have my own physical release of it, including a booklet with instructions and a (very very) short story that introduces the game.

And just recently I started to learn Assembler and right now I am replacing the "slow" parts of my game with machine code routines and will eventually release the "plus" or "2.0" edition. Maybe including an online Highscore table if I manage to do that with the M4 or Usifac II... let's see... just an idea, no fixed plan yet...

I don't know if anyone plays it currently or not. Or will play the "plus" edition. I am doing it for myself and then let's see if anyone else also enjoys it.

tl;dr: if you enjoy making this, then just do it.


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