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Hi just joined here. I had an amstrad 6128+ I bought of someone in around 1994. They game me some games disks and a mini office II disk. I have been looking for the name to some disks and what games was on them if anyone can help since I accidently destroyed the disks years ago.
I think these were two disks and were "Capcom collection" or similar and they had games "Starrider 2" "Last Duel" "UN Squadron" on them and more, but I don't remember what. I know this is like Platinum game disk, but there was two disks with 3-4 games on each and one or two of the games on Platinum disk is not on these
I also had a game where I know at one point it asked you questions and there was a map of the world and a balloon moving on it and it asked some questions like "Where is the Eiffel tower" or something like that
Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance

These are the only Capcom compilations that I know of...

Capcom Collection

Yes that is what I was looking for, for the capcom collection, thanks!

There is one for sale if you search goole... takes you to a French auction site.


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