Quick question on Renegade/Target Renegade graphics

Started by sigh, 18:17, 07 December 10

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Maybe it's too personnal, but how did you manage the last amoount of work in one raw? what did you change in your way of working on it?


Quote from: jbaudrand on 00:54, 09 August 22Maybe it's too personnal, but how did you manage the last amoount of work in one raw? what did you change in your way of working on it?
Hey there.

During working on this beat em up and some other projects, I always ended up working hard on a project solidly for some months - then ended up getting burnout. After getting burnout, I wasn't able to face working on the project and needed extended rest time; this rest time could be many months or even years.

After many years working like this, I needed to find a better way of working and a way better to optimize my time, in order to keep the momentum going and finish a product sooner rather than later.
So my method now is to only work on a project for 1 hour per day ONLY
If I am on holiday or have a day off, then I may work a bit more than that. For instance - the netball game, I did work a bit more on it as I was on holiday from work so I also ended up working on it over the weekend too, but I usually don't do project work over the weekend. Also - that particular game is not very intense and doesn't need much work in regards to art.

With working only 1 hour per day - it's surprising how much you progress over a week and more importantly, you reduce your chances of getting burnout. Sometimes within that hour, things may not move as quickly as you would hope, but that's okay. For instance, on the animations I would be fiddling with these wide pixels trying to get the correct pose, I look at the clock and my hour is finished and all I have done is 1 finished torso and half of another torso.

Importantly, if I am working on a sprite and it is only half done, when the hour is up, I do not - try to finish it. It's very easy to fall in the trap of "Oh, I'll just finish this.." only to find that you end up working for another hour two. This will start creeping in and the one hour becomes two hours, become three, then four, then five etc.
So it is important to be strict, stick to the plan and say "That can way till tomorrow".

This method of working has been brilliant for me. :)


Thanks for sharing this, it wll help me, and I hope it will helps more people. I was devastated when they announced that indiana jones and fountain of youth was aborted after all these years. Many thanks sigh can't wait to see and play your game.



ArnoldEmu has been working on the collision detection and some player AI. We are looking for the AI to be more like Renegade rather than Streets Of Rage. I always felt that in SOR, enemies just ran into your fist (I guess this does make sense as there are a lot more enemy types on one screen) and were like fodder. Renegade however, the enemies felt a lot smarter making it feel way cooler when you defeat them.

I have been sorting out sprite and background palettes and will next start checking that the backgrounds meet the correct requirements in terms of tile numbers and interactions.

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