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Started by Strident, 22:41, 02 February 19

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Quite a few items from (Amstrad Action adventure columnist, DragonSoft proprietor and adventure author) Debby Howard's Adventure PD collection is currently missing from the archives.

CPC-POWER only currently lists AMS 1 -12, CPC 01 & 02 and TPE 01 and 02.

It would be great to track down the missing entries. I'd personally be very interested in the tape version of AMS 14.

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Upvote from me, would love to have these.


Just a note to say that I recently noticed that one of these disks, AMS 5, is archived on the usual sites and - unlike many of the other disks with associated games - actually includes the B-side of the Adventure PD release.

This B-side has a whole chunk of information about the Adventure PD catalogue, and the services; such as printed solutions, competitions, reviews; that Debby was providing at the time.

I extracted the material and popped it up on my clippings page, to make it easier to grab information to update the entries over at CASA. The text can be read on my site, if it interests anyone...

I spotted quite a few games that we didn't have documented on CASA.

Still hoping that one day more "complete" disks and tapes from the Adventure PD catalogue will turn up. 
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