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How about making a "CLASSIC" & "WORTH TO PLAY" collection of Amstrad Games?

Started by ikonsgr, 20:00, 07 December 20

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GUNHED --> Get the revolutionary FutureOS (Update: 2023.11.30) --> Get the RSX-ROM for LambdaSpeak :-) (Updated: 2021.12.26)


6 new games added:

(this was one of my fevorite back at the time :)  )

Total games:209


I think that Gauntlet and Gauntlet 2 should be on this list.


2 more games added:

(this one is actually a CPM game, so you need to use FDC emulation and give: "|CPM", to load it)

Funny thing,i never knew about these games back at the days, clearly the "Ancestor" of the great "alien breed" amiga games! :)


You never knew about Gauntlet?? Wow! I think Alien Breed was more influenced by Alien Syndrome than Gauntlet.


And one more:

(Another nice action platform that i didn't know...  ::) )

Total games: 212


I have a flash floppy drive. will this work with that?

also... what are the benefits of getting an M4 over a gotek?


Quote from: LewisCPC on 12:00, 21 February 21
I have a flash floppy drive. will this work with that?
also... what are the benefits of getting an M4 over a gotek?
Gotek drive with flash floppy firmware is ONLY a floppy drive emulator, meaning that it can only access dsk images. But Most of the games in this list are not in dsk form but rather  extracted files (from each game image file).Of course,you can always use the dsk image of every game to load it using a gotek drive.
Now,custom boards for Amstrad cpc like the M4 or the USIfAC II i recently designed, can do the same thing (and a bit faster too) BUT also, MUCH,MUCH more, where most important ,is the ability to access files DIRECTLY from a usb stick or sd card, practically converting them in Hard Disk for Amstrad!
Αpart from this, there are MAJOR advantages compared to Gotek drive:
- Ease of use: Using simple RSX basic commands you can easily manage 100's of dsk images or files by browsing directories, get filtered catalogues etc. Instead, trying to manage 100's of dsk images with gotek drive, would be VERY tiresome: endless pressings of gotek buttons to find the image you want,and even popular addons, like rotary enconders or oled screens doesn't help much either: You will still end up turning left-right the enconder (like trying to tune with a radio station  ;D ), continiously struggling to read the names from the tiny oled screen...  ;D
- SPEED! Loading games from it's original files instead through dsk images, is INCREDIBLY FASTER! We are talking for 5-10times faster loading than gotek drive! Most games load in 1-3seconds!
- Size of games: Most Amstrad games where ~50-100kb in size, but using dsk image files, each game always occupies ~200kb,e.g. the size of a dsk image file.

Moreover, custom interfaces gives you a whole bunch of new abilities, like formatting disks, copying dsk images to disks, copying files between usb sitck and disks etc.
Finally, USiFAC II costs MUCH less than having a gotek  drive (flashed with flash floppy) either connected internally (=extra cost for cable adapters+3D front face ~60-70euros in total) or externally (+ribbon+Y power cable ~50-60euros in total) at a price of ~23euros including shipping!  ;)


After updating the USIfAC II board, with added feature of loading multi image games/programs, i've added:

- (3 image game)
- (2 image game)
- (2 image game)

In the above games folders (and also the few games on the list that are in dsk image form), i have added a small Basic loader that set image(s) to slots, enables floppy controller emulation and runs the game directly, so you can now run games from dsk images directly!  ;)




And now something for USIfAC II owners, (especially those with CPC 464....  ;D)
It took me a few hours, but i finally manage to make a utility to create 100's of bASIC loaders (like the ones mentioned before for multi image games), for ALL games in the LIST, in a split of a second!  ;)
I uploaded a small zip file here: You can downlaod it and extract all the files into the root of your usb stick. Then, you just copy the entire "direct load games" folder into usb stick,and that's it!
Instead of manually using |CD, |MG, |FDC etc commands, you can just run the small basic loader! Each listing is custom made depending on the specific game form:

- For games in dsk images, it will change directories, mount the image and then either reset using |464 (for CPC 464) or enabe FDC emulation and directly give you a CAT list!
- For games in file form, it will also change directories and give you a cat list, and so you can choose the game loader and run it directly!

The program searches and create Basic loaders, for multiple dsk image files in a single folder, and for files or dsk images in separate sub-folders for each game!
Here is an example:
10 A$="DIRECT~1":|CD,@A$
20 A$="SUBHUN~1":|CD,@A$
30 IF INP(&FBDC)=&83 THEN 40 ELSE 50
40 A$="SUBHUN~1.DSK":|MG,@A$:|464

This is the procedure to use SUBHUN~1.DSK image file inside DIRECT~1/SUBHUN~1/ subfolder.
As you can see,i'm using the Basic 1.0 form of loading arguments in RSX commands, in order for the listings to load on CPC 464 too!
You can also see the "smart" selection of actions according to you CPC model! Judging from my quick experience on a CPC 464, this method can VASTLY improve the speed and "Ease of use" for loading games in CPC 464!  ;)
Soon i will upload the utility, for anyone to create loaders for his custom game collections! ;)



I'd like to add, Mutant Monty.

I know many think this game is not worth much, but I have fond memories of this game.
and even today, I think it holds up as a decent platform game.

sure graphically, might lack some bells and whistles... but as an addictive game, I know a few people that played this for many many hours. think the highest we ever got was level 38/40? (From a faded memory)

I think worth a try...

Always wanted to add additional tracks to Bmx Simulator... very impressive background images (at the time)

1xCPC6128, 1xTandy Model 4, 1xC64 (IN BOX)


Although I am not a sport game fan, to give new people the experience of a dead arm playing video games - I would add Daley Thompson's Decathlon. 


Oh yes of course. But since you're not a sports fan you could just play Combat School🙂


Quote from: zhulien on 17:36, 02 May 21Although I am not a sport game fan, to give new people the experience of a dead arm playing video games - I would add Daley Thompson's Decathlon. 
You mean Daley Thompson's Joystick Breaker?
I broke both my Atari 2600 sticks playing DT on the '464 back in the day!



I found 2 games that have issues:

Exolon: works fine on the 6128 but doesn't work properly on my 464. Some Sprites and tiles are pixel-garbage. (see screenshot). A DSK version from the M4 games compilation works fine, also when extracted from DSK to be started directly. (I can provide the extracted files if that helps)

Cerberus: seems to have an unlimited lives patch that can't be selected or deactivated.


Well, if you want, give me the dsk image of exolon to replace the one used then  :)
Now, about CPC 464 compatibility, since all games in "direct file form" are extracted from dsk images, it means that they run 100% only on "Amsdos equipped" CPC with basic 1.1
Differences in memory usage (464 had a few more ram available because of the lack of amsdos, also many system variables use different places in ram) ,and different basic versions (for example, some games use loaders with basic commands that are not supported by previous basic 1.0 of CPC 464) prevent some games from loading on a CPC 464.
Also, some games require 128kb ram, so obviously these can't run on 464 models too.
In order to load these "direct file" games on 464 machines, you can either try to use the dsk image and FDC emulation, or use a snapshot file of the game, if available.

btw, added 2 more games to the list:



Yeap!  ;)
@flag26838, i'm afraid i'm not able to do that, because i don't own an Amstrad plus for testing :)
But if anyone with a plus model is willing to give games a try, i will be more than happy to create a "cetrified for plus" list too!  :)

Btw, i added 1 more game:
Daley Thompson's Decathlon (beware: this a legendary known game, that breaks joysticks!  :laugh: )

220 Games in total!


Quote from: ikonsgr on 19:05, 16 May 21Btw, i added 1 more game:
Daley Thompson's Decathlon (beware: this a legendary known game, that breaks joysticks!   )
Oh, we know :D


, this is how Bubble bobble should be on CPC in the first place  :)
, one of the best vertical scrolling shoot'em'up for CPC!


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