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Converting a game to ROM - and LOTS of ROM files inside!

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A DSK would be nice... ok start serching... found... analysing files... sadly the file is just a bit tooooo long...
Ok, using CPCTurbocruncher first to make it smaller...

Attach CPCT DSK...

Crunching file...
Result 15 KB! Great it will fit in ONE ROM!
Test: Game still works!
Attaching game DSK....
Now I have to give a presentation... tell you soon how to finish the ROM...


Ok... in quick...
Install Softbrenner ROM in an MegaFlash or CPC emulator
Insert Disc with "Munch.", the 15 KB file
Start Softbrenner with !SB
Type "M" for Make ROM
Press "X" for add RSX
Move black bar over file "MUNCH." (ok, it is there already)
Press RETRUN to load file
Now you see a RSX command, that can be changed. Press DEL just once to delete the point
On the screen you see "!MUNCH", press Return
Press "2" for "load file into RAM and autostart"
Press Return twice to admit the load and autostart addresses of the file
Press N for No autostart after reset
Now press "S" for save ROM
And that's it you have your ROM!!!
One last thing remains to do: You must adapt the checksum. That can be done with the samall basic program "checksum.bas"
It's all done on the DSK here:

Classic Muncher on a ROM? I'm sold! How about Axiens and Classic Invaders? :D

Sorry for not putting the ROM directly... too much work here...
There it comes... (Start with !MUNCH)


--- Quote from: Gryzor on 13:28, 29 March 13 ---Classic Muncher on a ROM? I'm sold! How about Classic Axiens? :D

--- End quote ---
Here... start with !AXIENS


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