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6128 (128k) ONLY Games

Started by Xyphoe, 08:07, 04 August 22

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Quote from: Xyphoe on 05:31, 05 August 22
Quote from: dthrone on 11:38, 04 August 22Does Space Gun count (6128+ only)?

That is its own separate list and CPC Wiki entry and article....

Complete List Of Commercially Released 6128 Plus Only Games

Space Gun

Game Count - 1

:laugh: ;) :P 

Does Fluff work on the 464+? Looks like it had a tape release, so I suppose it must have...


This is breaking from my list a bit, but I came across this oddity.

"Meltdown" from Alligata had a special 6128 only version made as reported in ACU

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There were quick a few text adventures (from the Adventure Workshop etc) that used CP/M+ so only ran on the 6128. 
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Isn't "Meltdown" essentially just the bog standard 128K enhanced (and or disk enhanced) game we'd see all the time later on?

Now that article tends to suggest it may have been one of the first (possibly even the first) but it doesn't suggest anything particularly unique.

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