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Started by zhulien, 11:11, 22 December 21

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After watching Xyphoes awesome bad cpc games reviews... I was wondering, what if we tried to improve them.

Eg. If we patched outfitters background routine to not scale and not render, would it make the game faster and actually fun?


From my little experiencie, sometimes the best is to recode all again... a lot of work!

I remember that Mauricio told me several times that all the ocean games with the engine from robocop/batman can be easy patched to run faster all this games.


What I'd improve...

Crystal Kingdom Dizzy - change it from MODE 0 to MODE 1 and do the improvements that Speccy team did

Back to the Future 2 - remove Level 3 and replace it with something else.. Maybe escapign Biff from the Pleasure Paradise.

Back to the Future 3 - while not a bad game, I'd improve the cut scene graphics and maybe add a level where you're racing to reach the train.

Count Duckula 2 - rewrite the whole game from scratch!

Knight Rider - again, rewrite from scratch

Myth - again, not a bad game, I really like it but I'd add the final boss fight that the Speccy got but the CPC didn't (for some strange reason).

Bridge It - I wouldn't try, I'd just get every copy and burn them.


Quote from: zeropolis79 on 11:08, 23 December 21Bridge It - I wouldn't try, I'd just get every copy and burn them.

I wouldn't say that. Replace the crappy music and make the bridges a little bit more predictable and it would become a fun game for a few minutes - or with friends as a drinking game.

I'd like to add:

Fruity Frank - as much as I like the game as much do I hate the music. Could someone add a decent sound track and/or add the possibility to switch off music?


Double Dragon (use Target Renegade as a base)

*Green Beret (fix the collision detection and scrolling. Using something like Stormlord or Dragon Ninja as an example.)

Rodland (though that is being worked on)
OutRun (use Chase HQ engine)

*With Green Beret; as it isn't animation or sprite heavy - would this be possible to do on something like 8BP?

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