Author Topic: Text Adventures over the Internet with M4  (Read 1051 times)

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Text Adventures over the Internet with M4
« on: 08:14, 27 April 19 »
Hi All,

I have gotten the following open source text adventure engine to work in a way which will work with CPC using M4 and of course a small BASIC program.

deployed here for you to try with your current browser:

I found it actually as I was brainstorming the design of my own then through surely someone has done something like this before.  They aren't exactly the same, but playing with this text-adventure one, it isn't bad.

At the moment it is single player, but I have ideas (yet to try) to support multiplayer within it, which is basically to look at dynamically adding the player as an object and have them be moved from room to room as they themselves navigate - this would allow other plays to see them within a text-World - and of course I need to make the current objects within the single player world, shared.  It sounds like a lot of work, but that is yet to be investigated.  For now as a single player text adventure engine, it would work nicely on CPC (hosted on Net) and could even have smaller enhancements made if there is a desire, such as support for graphics - if that matters.

How many M4 users would be interested to play text adventures hosted on the net playable from CPC?

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Re: Text Adventures over the Internet with M4
« Reply #1 on: 12:01, 27 April 19 »

Playing an Internet hosted text adventure on a CPC is an interesting idea.

If you add multi-player then what you end up making is basically an old school MUD. (or MUG/MUSH) They were quite enjoyable... I spent many, many hours at university playing those!

There was at least one more traditional multi-player text adventure back in the day.

See... The Causes of Chaos for the C64.

The problem was, playing a text adventure where other players can nick the vital objects needed to progress can be quite frustrating. :)
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Re: Text Adventures over the Internet with M4
« Reply #2 on: 17:47, 27 April 19 »
And interesting idea, but for Multiuser of course. As single player I would just take the DSK. --> Get the revolutionary FutureOS (Recent update: 2019.08.07) --> Get the RSX-ROM for LambdaSpeak :-) (Updated: 2019.08.14)