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Started by Gryzor, 13:39, 15 November 12

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So, the other day I found out there's Krakout released for Android!

I played it and didn't really like the gfx - more modern, but not modern modern. More like Krakout remade in 1995.

So I emailed the dev and told them hey, why not add an option for the original gfx? Their reply:
"Can you say me the name of this very early version, so I can google after it?"

Erm... so I guess the totally ignore where Krakout comes from, they probably found a new version online and copied that. So I pointed them to the c64 and CPC versions, and their reply was:
"The old grafics are funny (oldscool), but we are very sure that we won´t bind in additional grafics."

Heh... I just thought the discussion was funny and thought I'd share...

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