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Adventure Conversion: Pirate Island
« on: 22:50, 30 October 17 »
Did I convert it or not ? Didn't find it so 'ere is a quick'n dirty fast conversion (kinda beta) for you

(run on emulated 6128, but not played in all detail)

Pirate Island, a game by David Meny from 1985


                                  David Meny

                              ** DOCUMENTATION **

        Well, young pirate! Thar she blows! Thars the old Mobby 'Ick. Your   
        great  - oh so great -  grandfather named 'er. Well, back to buisness.
        You  'ust find thee  location by  longitude and latitude of the SPOOKY
        Pirate  Island,  explore it  and  bring back  the famed Spanish coin
        supposdely to be thar.

        Don't try to cross any of me' crew or else.   Especiall' don't try     
        to to cross me'. You bett'r find the coin before you come back to  me'
        ship or else this' cutlass will be you' last wish!

        Now yous begin on me' ship 'The Eagle's Nest' and you must  locate     
        the islands' longitude and latitude from yous'  sources and  those  on
        me' ship.

        When yous' reach the island - if yous' do -explore it for the coin     
        and then return its' back to me' ship.

        Have thar good time!

                        ** IMPORTANT COMMANDS **

                 Har are of few commands Is' know:

                    I or INVENTORY   -   Shows what ye are carryin'
                          GO NORTH   -   To move north
                          GO SOUTH   -   To move south
                           GO EAST   -   To move east
                           GO WEST   -   To move west
                             GO UP   -   To move up
                           GO DOWN   -   To move down
           (NOTE - GO NORTH can be abbrivated N, GO SOUTH to S, etc.)
                      GET (object)   -   To get a certain object
                     DROP (object)   -   To drop a certain object
                    CLIMB (object)   -   To climb a certain object
                             SWIM    -   To swim
                   UNLOCK (object)   -   To unlock and object
                     OPEN (object)   -   To open an object
                               plus many more...

                              ** AUTHOR'S NOTES**

        I hope you enjoy this program and if you do you might want to try
        my first adventure, Escape from Soviet Science and Detention Base
        available from PC-SIG.

                                                David Meny
                                                2923 Carmel Way
                                                Fairfield, CA 94533

"  In your sleep, you dream of valiant pirates who sail across the seas, finding
secret treasure hidden deep inside dangerous islands.
You dream of adventourous fights to the death between pirates over gold-laced
statues or chest of gold coins from a long time ago.
  You dream and dream until the rocking of the seas wakens you on board the ship
'The Eagle's Nest', a pirate ship!"

Code: [Select]
To start , RUN"pisland
Edit: found a nasty bug. Fixed
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Re: Adventure Conversion: Pirate Island
« Reply #1 on: 12:45, 31 October 17 »
Ooh, nice! Thanks!