latest POLILOAD games ported in CDT format :D

Started by dlfrsilver, 20:46, 08 June 09

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Hi Guys, the remaining "Poliload" games have been transfered to CDT files. Please find below thanks to the work of
César Nicolas Gonzalez 3 games from Dinamic :

After the war UK version

Grand Prix Master UK version

El Jabato in spanish

Those links are OK for 1 week ;)


Great job there. The more games we get preserved the better  ;)


Oh! Nice stuff! Grand Prix Master, geez :D

You can upload them to the wiki and they'll be good for longer than just a week :)


New games done with UNSUPPORTED formats by our dear César Nicolas Gonzalez :

Franck bruno's Boxing original retail tape :

Ahaha Elite has been protecting at least one game on CPC !!! That one IS indeed ;
i had no luck to convert this game i had from JMD1200, a french fellow pal collecting games.
In fact, this game is using.....MFM data blocks !!! Yes you're reading well, MFM which normally
is used on disk versions of games ! WOW ! It's stated as Direct Recording block when using TAPIR, the spectrum tool for tapes.

Elite :

Yeessss !!! This game also use a huge direct recording block (34kb in size!) but now it's done
in CDT. Bleepload v3 flavour ;)

Spiky harold :

Same scheme used, bleepload v3 with musical loader ;)

And the last :

The Red Arrows from Database software. The first CPC tape game my father bought back in
1985. In fact all the blocks are standard, BUT..... there are some pure tones between the titlescreen and the main program code to load. Without those, the game refuses to work.

Now thanks to César, IT'S DONE !!!!

You can pick up the games on Phénix Informatique, the biggest site with the biggest tapes and disk collection over the net !!!

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