Mandelpaper - Secure the knowledge! - a textadventure with Taylor

Started by marcm200, 12:51, 08 July 22

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My 2nd direct BASIC text adventure: Mandelpaper - Secure the knowledge!

Taylor, our hero, has to find the 12 pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and assemble them correctly so they show a fractal image. Presenting this to an evil computer virus will stop it from destroying all math papers on the EarthNet. Clues to the correct image and the underlying math formula are set within the game.

The ZIP contains a more detailed story, a manual of the game (including a verb list), a DSK-image, a map of the adventure's world and a solution command list.

The attached image shows a few of the jigsaw pieces at random locations to give an idea, how the assembly works, e.g. switching positions A1A2.

This is actually part II of a series of math-related adventures I am working on, the first initially written in C++ and then automatically converted to BASIC (with rooms being the central object of the game and GOTOs to jump between them):

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