CPC Formula 1 [WIP]

Started by luckpro, 11:54, 07 July 22

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Hi CPC friends. I have been working on a new game for our beloved computers for some time. I think it's far enough along that I think I can finish it (I hope I'm not wrong).

CPC Formula 1 is going to use a similar (albeit improved) technique to the fake mode 7 that it uses in Spectrum's Space Racing game. I have spent a lot of time trying to improve the effect and make it go as fast as possible in our Amstrad, I hope you like it.

Luckily, in CPC we don't have colour clash and it looks a bit better.

I'm trying to get the game to run smoothly on 464, though I'll probably make a version with some improvements for 6128.

Now I am adjusting the graphics of the game before showing it. Soon I will show the progress of the game.


Looking forward to it!


Ooh, sounds interesting. Can't wait to see it.

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