Mimo's Quest 0.5 by Chris Perver

Started by ComSoft6128, 20:07, 26 July 21

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Woah, something really large to read !! I really love those making-of, reading the experience of others (whatever the level or the technique involved) is always a nice lecture. Thanks for sharing!


My pleasure.
I find this type of thing fascinating, especially "origin" stories.
I might not understand the programming side 100% ( 50%?, 30%?, 10%?  ::) ) but I can grasp a concept as well as the next man. :)


Quickly scanned, yet to read, but looks like a nice almost 'How-To' create a Game .  :)
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recently Chris Perver, has uploaded many videos of what he is doing  :)

your amstrad news source in spanish language : https://auamstrad.es


And here's a little test video I made this morning:



Bump! Chris Perver has updated Mimo's Quest. Although it still bears the number 0.5, it's definitely a new version, from May 2022.

A quick walkthrough :
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  • Go to the basement and grab the pickaxe.
  • Dig your way through the big boulder in front of the cave, by firing some pickaxes.
  • The tunnels in the cave give access to a new world. Go to the forest, which is actually a maze, and search for a little house in a meadow.
  • Entering the house grants you an access to the far-west world...

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