(Modern!) Sokoban for SymbOS

Started by Prodatron, 15:49, 14 October 21

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Sokoban for SymbOS has been released.

You will probably shout "Oh no, not another Sokoban clone!", but this is a version with a lot of new "modern" puzzle objects.
It includes

  • coloured boxes,
  • fragile floors/holes,
  • magnets,
  • portals,
  • ice floors,
  • wild card boxes,
  • rails
  • twin workers
So solving the puzzles is probably more fun and can be quite interesting compared to the classic version.

You can download it here:



- Coloured boxes
Coloured boxes have to be placed at the proper destination fields to complete the puzzle

- Wild card boxes
Wild card boxes just stand around and don't need to reach a destination. They can be both annyoing but useful as well for some of the modern puzzle objects like portals or holes.

- Ice floors
When entering ice floors, you and your boxes will slide away until you reach a stable ground again or hit something else.

- Fragile floors and holes
Fragile floors will break away and remain as a hole, when you cross them once. Try not to fall in a hole, as your worker will die. Your boxes will disappear, when they are moved across open holes, but you can stuff them with wild card boxes.

- Rails
Rails are forcing your boxes only to move to limited directions. A box can't enter a rail from the side.

- Portals
Portals will beam you and your boxes to another place inside the maze, where the other end is located. Multiple types of portals are possible, and you can block a portal as well.

- Magnets
A magnet will hold your box, if it is next to its open end. You have to push the magnet switch to rotate all the magnets in the maze and free your boxes.

- Twin workers
In some puzzles you have to do teamworking. One worker can be moved, while the second one is resting. Switch between both workers by mouse clicking the sleeping one or by pressing "E".



Sokoban is Sokoban is always nice :)


Yeah , another Game for symbos 👍👍
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