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New Game: Adventure - "The Crystal of Nebumeth"

Started by SRS, 21:41, 08 February 16

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Inspired by the Z-Machine Thread and after visiting the NC100 page I found this text adventure written by IAN LARKIN
Tim's Amstrad NC Users' Site -- Games

I converted it to our beloved CPC. You'll find map etc. on webpage above.

After converting it to LOCOMOTIVE I compiled it with FABACOM - should run on any CPC464 with Disk. Could be converted to Tape, too. But I was to lazy :)

Load DSK into your favorite Emulator, RUN"START" ... and have Fun !

About the Game
The Crystal of Nebumeth

A text adventure game for one player

You play Grumble Mullet, a skinny, workshy elf of little ambition. All you want is a quiet life, but
early one morning you are rudely awoken by a flash and a bang. Standing at the foot of your bed is
a tall man in long purple robes and a pointed hat, which is smoking slightly.
"Greetings, Pogo Blaggins! I am the Wizard Grandalf, and I have a quest for you!"
"What? Pogo Blaggins? I'm not Pogo Blaggins! He moved out years ago!"
"Eh? Not Pogo Blaggins? Oh dear, most unfortunate..." The elderly wizard scratches his chin
and mutters to himself. "Well, there's not enough time to find him now – you'll have to do!"
"What?" You shriek in alarm. "I can't go running off on any quest. It might be dangerous!"
"Oh yes, there will be great danger! Many obstacles to overcome!"
"Well don't look at me then!"
"But you must find the evil Wizard Sarumort and destroy the Crystal of Nebumeth before it's
too late! Otherwise he will have the power to take over the entire world!"
"I really think you've got the wrong elf..."
"Quickly now, there is no time to lose! I shall watch your progress with eager anticipation!"
With another flash and bang, Grandalf disappears. All is quiet.
"Now that's much better." You pull your blanket over your head and drift back to sleep.
Suddenly, there is another flash and bang. You wake with a start to find your bed is on fire. A
voice booms out of nowhere: "What are you waiting for? Rest when the Crystal of Nebumeth is
With a sinking heart, you realise that Grandalf won't stop pestering you until you have
completed the quest.
"You know, this is really unfair..."

Playing the Game

"The Crystal of Nebumeth" is a text adventure of the type that was popular in the 1980s. You know,
the sort you'd load off cassette onto your Sinclair Spectrum or Commodore 64. When you begin
the game, you'll see a description of your starting location and a prompt that says "What now?"
Simply type, in English, what you wish to do. But keep your sentences simple: a single verb and
noun will be enough. Here are some examples:
· "Examine bucket"
· "Go north", "North", or simply "N"
· "Take spade"
· "Drink beer"
There are also some special commands you need to know:
· "Inventory" – this lists all the items that you are carrying.
· "Look" – repeats your current location, in case you forget where you are.
· "Help" – gives a list of understood words.
I think that's about it. All that's left to say is good luck and happy questing!

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