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avatar_Zoe Robinson

NEW GAME - Dirk Headstrong And The Martian Madness!

Started by Zoe Robinson, 21:22, 10 April 20

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Zoe Robinson

My new game, Dirk Headstrong and the Martian Madness, is available to download now. It's a 3D game built using the Freescape engine; and it's free for everyone to enjoy.

Happy Easter! :)

Zoe Robinson

The game has now been tweaked to:

* add an introduction that explains what to do
* tweak the background graphics so the health/fuel bars don't overlap them
* tweak the in-game messages so the annoying one that printed onto the background graphic doesn't do that any more

The updated game file is downloadable from the CPC Wiki. I hope you enjoy it. :)


CPC6128 - Gotek FlashFloppy - CTM644 - OSSC



Dirk Headstrong? A distant relative of mine perhaps?


Zoe Robinson

Thanks for the comments, guys. I hope you enjoy the game. :)


 ;) Great game, are very happy of see news games with FREESCAPE.The FREESCAPE for me was the best on CPC, on other machines was poor, except on AMIGA and ATARI ST.
Do not underestimate the power of AMSTRAD CPC.

Zoe Robinson

I agree. Freescape was brilliant on the CPC. I can't even imagine the horror of trying to code for a system with less available RAM to play with.

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