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New game translation to Spanish: Alphakhor

Started by MiguelSky, 00:25, 25 July 17

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I forgot announce it here but I finished the Spanish translation of Alphakhor one month ago. It took me several years because part of the introduction is an image file and I had to edit it in order to get it translated but finally, with the help of some JavaCPC crazy tools by DevilMarkus and some hints in translation by NuBus, I managed to finish the work. It's a text adventure with menus but with some arcade feeling because you have to put an eye on your hunger and thirst levels and food and water are not very common there...

Graphically is amazing and I really enjoyed the game.

Someone asked me for a English translation: it is not very hard, but not time for that at the moment.... :(

Sykobee (Briggsy)

Ah, that looks like a French game given the attention to detail in the graphics.


Congrats ! It's nice to promote good french adventure game in this way.


Looking nice. Sadly I do not speak neither french nor spanish - so  I wait for english version

I'd love to see more of that good grafix french productions in english, btw.

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