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Hello Guys,

whoever has this game, and can dump side B would be welcomed. MY version was a sealed copy, and it appears
side B was never mastered on the disk !!! shit f**k !

I'm stuck on level 4 loading, it tells me wrong disc :( (must turn the disk to get the upper levels datas :(

You can get this game from The Amstrad CPC Games resource... I've played it through emulation to the end. It's very difficult, I was a nervous wreck, and sweating buckets towards the end - trying to blow that building up took me ages. It is worth finishing though, as the graphics and completion screen later on are awesome.

If you like, you can send me the disk and I'll write the correct image to side 2. It'll just cost you the postage.

Amstrad CPC games ressource doesn't hold this game, and even worse, the 2 versions i have found on the net
are the 64K version (Tape) transfered to disk. No trace of the 128K version.....

The 64K version has many things cut down from the 128K one :
- no music, no intermede screens, no extra animations, etc....

I have bought 2 new versions of this game new, let's see if it's a mastering error (won't be the first time...).

Can you please tell me what kind of protection you have on your disk side A ?

You should post instead your side B..... it will make things easier for everyone. ;)

I'll look to upload side 'B' tonight, but have you tried the below link.
Isn't that your site... lol

yes that's where i upload my dumped games. i have discovered the problem after using a poke.

The game wants to load level 4 from side B on track 2.


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