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Started by MacDeath, 12:45, 29 March 15

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The Oliver Twins are making nice videos where they play their old games and discuss all along about it.

it is really a goldmine of nice informations and CPC history (and other systems) and most of you already know that those guys are legendary founding fathers of CPC gaming.

they would talk about the coding, the development, the bizness involved and gameplay and so on, all with their typical british accent (= easy to understand by non english natives...).

OliverTwins - YouTube

They are still in the bizness actually.
They post infos about their videos at the Amstrad CPC464 facebook page as well so some of you may already know about those videos.

Concerning Amstrad CPC games :



other videos are about their modern prods, or some speccy or ST/Amiga/other games.

Being french, I actually didn't play all their games at the time, was more an english things first I guess, but they did some games I actually had played.

Ghostburster 2 is so Awesome... and many of their games would include nice features, animation of sampled voices.
And the dizzy franchise, of course, should ring a bell to many here.

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