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Orion Prime Support (was: Orion Prime : ordering has started !)

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Darn I'm starting to get a bit stumped now with it!  :(

Can anyone set up a helpline number?  ;D :D

Ask and ye shall receive


--- Quote from: remax on 15:24, 15 July 10 ---Ask and ye shall receive

--- End quote ---

Oh really? Sweet!  ;D

Well ok ... I'll ask for some hints below (no need for a solution) of where I'm stuck, I'll put it in white text to hide so it wont reveal spoilers!

Begin --1

) The appointment computer on the first level outside the lift ... it's been hacked and needs just a 'login ID' ... I've tried every crew ID I've recorded down from the PDA but no joy ... I feel like I should have solved this one by now :(

2) The monster in the garden. I have the cell charged from throwing it in the swimming pool, I've even sneaked and got flash grenades from level 6 before the radiation gets me ... I shoot the lamp above his head which lands on him, throw the cell then shoot it ... what next? I've tried every different combination and every item I have left that could do anything (gun, crowbar, flash grenade etc even the metal cable but no idea what that's for yet!) I presume I need to get to the box at the end of the room, open and get/use contents maybe I don't need to kill him but he still gets me every time! Help!

-- End

Hints for Xyphoe :)
Spoiler: ShowHide1) Perhaps you miss some log overthere......
2) Are you sure you have enough ammnunition?

Gryzor : The cpu asks for a Login, not an ID ! Not a number...


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