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Pang Plus

Started by XeNoMoRPH, 06:51, 28 February 24

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QuoteThe version of Pang for the Amstrad GX4000 console is considered one of the best conversions of the well-known arcade game. However, that does not mean that there was no room for improvement. In this new version of Pang for the GX4000 console, which we will call Pang Plus, it corrects a few bulk errors made during the development of the original version, as well as a spectacular graphical wash.

Modifications to the original code: SyX
Tweaks and new graphics: RedAngel


your amstrad news source in spanish language :


Nice, I see they went with the demo cart Mt Fuji background  8)

I wonder what the 'bulk errors' were?


As my Spanish is definitely not good enough to understand the talk-track, what are the improvements and fixes?

Collision detection?


QuoteThe music was messy, the backgrounds were missing, they have updated the backgrounds that were already there, the loading speed is now faster,
Collisions could not be touched without having the source code

everything is explained in the video.

your amstrad news source in spanish language :


Quote from: eto on 10:14, 28 February 24As my Spanish is definitely not good enough to understand the talk-track, what are the improvements and fixes?

Collision detection?
No, collision was something they couldn't change because it's all tied up in how the code works.

From what I can glean (from YouTube's auto translate captions), they've re-ordered the music so the right tunes are in the right place. Improved the data compression so more backgrounds can fit into the same 128K cartridge (they didn't want to change it beyond what the original Devs could have).

Then they've re-converted all the backgrounds (including the missing ones) and touched up the graphics as much as possible without altering the underlying rules around how the game uses palettes. Part of that was using more colours for the enemies and power ups because the game reserves half of the sprite colours for it but repeats a lot of colours from the palette used for characters.


If anyone is unfamiliar with PANG this review by Chris Weatherley (Novabug) at the Pixel Empire site is spot on :)


A great news. 1990 gfx looks like a C64 improvement and ths GX4000 release should be more accurate to Amiga/ST releases.

Another great improvement would be soundtracks. Actually they sound like 1985 tunes, in late 90 I know that Matthew Cannon was working on Robocop 2 and Navy Seals (great tunes!) but Jonathan Dunn only worked on Puzznic (2 tunes) so Pang deserved better chiptunes to my opinion.

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