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Sly Spy - 128kb music ingame?!

Started by viddi, 08:59, 22 April 20

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Hi guys,

the CPC version of Sly Spy is great.
The real downside is the lack of music, though.

Any chance to hack it like Paperboy 128k?

Music would be a cool addition.


I read under a YT video a comment from -apparently- the coder who apologyze for not having put sound inside the game du to lack of time. Some pieces of gameplay were missing too. Secret agent is great mode 0 ambassador.
But the intro chiptune is great.

If you look the speccy release, by the same team, there are sfx inside game, and a tune when an interlevel screen is displayed, and an ending chiptune too. It could be a good inspiration. But the zipline in level 4 and 9 is still missing, like the CPC release.

Another should be the C64 release. No SFX but a different chiptune on each level and the is here. There is a lovely ending from the coin up too.


Oh, lack of time?
What a shame. The game is so playable on the CPC.

I´d be happy if the title screen music would would stay in game or at least a few bleeps and bloops.

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