Author Topic: [Download] All games from the NVG archive, sorted alphabetically  (Read 837 times)

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I figured this might be useful to some of you: I just uploaded to google drive an archive of all the games from NVG, sorted alphabetically into folders. Get it here:
It's a recent download of the archive (a few days ago), all the games are still in zip files since that saves space and winape can open them just fine. There's a python script included if you want to make your own from a NVG download.
Hope that helps someone!
Edit: I see the forum is embedding the contents of the zip file. If you want to download it, click the text link in the post or the grey button top-right of the box up there, then click the "download" arrow in the top right of the new page that opens.
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Thanks for sharing :)

And indeed, I hadn't seen it before but the forum does embed it in a ncie way (though you can't download)...