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Richard Aplin!

Started by Xyphoe, 13:34, 28 July 19

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I know a lot of us here are big fans of Richard Aplin (Fly Spy, Shinobi, Double Dragon I & II 128k versions, Final Fight) and what he did on the Amstrad, I think a large number of you knew about this but for the benefit of those that didn't and missed it ... on the AMSTREAM (my Amstrad live stream on YouTube every Friday evening) we had a 'Richard Aplin Night' playing all his games (including finally longplaying and beating Fly Spy!) where Richard was the guest of honour and we had a really interesting live interview with him!
The interview starts at pretty much exactly the 1hour mark (1:00:56) and he's such cool, awesome and enthusiastic dude! He does go into technical depth about his Amstrad games, but also talks a bit about some Amiga stuff and shows off some extremely rare piece of hardware (Game Genie II) which is very interesting even if it's not Amstrad related!
Well worth a watch, he was a joy to talk to - hope you enjoy guys!
After the chat, we finally beat Fly Spy but he comes back into the stream into the chat room (username = "Dr Tune") and as we play his other games like Shinobi, etc he also chats to everyone providing more details - including, despite stating previously in the past it wasn't his game, confirming that Final Fight was very likely his work!!


That was a brilliant stream, it was lovely listening to Richards stories.

And of course you were great as always Xy. 8)
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I've been playing flyspy recently! One of my favourites from my youth! I had to use cheats to finish it though, so kudos to you!


Top video Xyphoe :)
For me the high point was the interview with Richard Aplin (1:01 to 2:03) - quite fascinating. Hope you can continue this format in the future but I would imagine that contacting some of the programmers from the 80's must be difficult.



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