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Sente Mini-Golf

Started by Jean-Marie, 17:47, 01 December 22

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New game by Copper.

Edit: there's a Plus version as well :


Oh that's really nice! More info? 


It's a conversion of an Arcade game of 1985 I've never heard of.
Up to 4 players alternately. Plus version uses hardware sprites & the extended palette.
No download link yet  :'(


Ahhh so THAT'S where I know the levels from! Gonna play some tomorrow until the CPC conversion gets released! 


I love these games, especially if there is one on the CPC  ;D 

Looks great!


Quote from: Jean-Marie on 17:47, 01 December 22New game by Copper.

Looks cute! Nice to see so many new games.
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your amstrad news source in spanish language :


Looks like fun, I'm not familiar with the original...
An expanding array of hardware available at (and issue 4 of CPC Fanzine!)


Some news about this interesting project?  8), the only website dedicated to CPC homebrew games.

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