Dog Star Adventure

Started by SRS, 22:04, 26 September 20

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THE CLASSIC GAME FROM 1979 NOW ON CPC (I did not find it online so I just converted it).
QuoteDog Star is based on a two-word parser, with the user entering verb/noun phrases like TAKE CHEESEBURGER. A small number of commands can be shortened to a single word, like NORTH, or even shorter, N. The game is played by the player issuing commands to move about the game map and collect various items.
The game begins with the player in control of a robot hiding in their spaceship. The ship is disabled and trapped within a hangar. The player needs to collect several items in order to win, including money, the enemy battle plans, and Princess Leia, the leader of the Freedom Fighters. These are scattered around the game map, some of them protected by various puzzles or traps.


Oh wow, I saw the title and I knew I'd heard the title before...

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