Atom Smasher (CPC), Shit Game,...or is it?!

Started by ZEUSDAZ, 04:42, 06 April 22

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Well this week I was asked (well paid actually) to play and shit-rate Atom Smasher on the CPC and flush it down the poop tube.
However, I found myself enjoying this a little after a few goes, anyone else played this?
Apparently it did hold a full price tag in 1984 which was WAY over the top for this game, budget price yes but full price is a joke for this game, here's my thoughts on it.



Yes. Yes it most certainly is.
I despise it.


I had no idea this exist. I would have expected it's a type-in. After I saw your video I played it a few times and it suffers from the controls where it's hard to end up on the position you want to go to - and the frustration that the electrons cannot be fully anticipated, so they often collide with my "ship", although I thought they should be next to me..

With slightly better controls and maybe the electrons on pixel positions rather than character locations, this could be good for a few games every now and then.



Quote from: Gryzor on 16:46, 06 April 22You didn't try pressing ESC twice? :D
The core game is machine code. The menu is BASIC.

Shaun M. Neary

I don't think it's a shit game, just very repetitive.
I bought this on budget in 1987, Romik brought it out on a budget release (around the same time as 3D Monster Chase, which IS a shit game).

The trick is to get as close to the pods, but after you've done this about 8-10 times, the controls let you down and even at that point, you're already bored of the game.
Cool concept, just poorly executed.
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